Lint Fuzz & Hair Shaver
Lint Fuzz & Hair Shaver
Lint Fuzz & Hair Shaver

Lint Fuzz & Hair Shaver

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If you do not want any more lint balls on your clothes, threads, or the clothes look old and worn,  This electric lint shaver is perfect for restoring your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look!






It works better than a Lint Roller! By removing the lint and pellets, you can keep clothing and furniture clean.



The precision safe t-blades quickly and safely remove pellets, lint,  hair, and fuzz from clothing, upholstery, curtains, carpets and more.



Simply turn it on, and run the perforated head over the surface of the item you wish to shave.

Fuzz, lint, hair, and pellets are suctioned into the holes, cut off by the rotating blade and then deposited into the lint chamber.









This lint remover Easily removes pet hair, crumbs, lint and more without leaving a sticky residue behind

✔Great for cleaning your clothing, bedding, furniture, and car upholstery 

✔The adhesive surface is strong enough to pick up any mess 

✔It even has little rubber fingers to reach deep into carpets to remove ground-in messes

✔Stainless steel wire mesh ensures a long service time 

✔Removable type storage box, transparent window for timely clean

✔ With charge indicator, more convenient to use 


















  • Simply press the button which is on the grip handle to switch it on and gently run the shaving head on the clothes or fabrics.
  • Carefully slide downward the lint holder to release the lint, and please kindly know the lint holder is of large capacity and simplifies your life.


To Give your old fabrics new life by giving them a quick shave without damaging the fabric keeps them clean, soft and looking like new. Remove pilling and lint from sweaters, curtains, carpet, upholstery and more. This lint remover is what all that you need for perfect clothes.                                                                                                                                                                                            Estimated free shipping time 7-15 days  /  Priority insured shipping 5-7 days